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Retail Dealer Network Training

Retail Dealer Network Training

Automotive organizations and dealers looking for the development and delivery of retail training events, turn to us as a trusted partner. We offer training that is 100% customized to the company in a variety of different industries.

Our 20-year history of providing automotive retail training brings the following benefits to your business:

20 Year Ribbon

  • Intimate knowledge of your dealership KPIs, and the skills required to positively affect those KPIs
  • In depth and current vehicle system knowledge required to increase vehicle sales and service department profitability
  • Unique understanding of how to implement corporate policies and dealership process
  • Turn-key administration and delivery of local and national automotive training events


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We can assist your front line staff and managers in the following areas:

Sales/Service Consultants:

  • Automotive Sales/Service Process training for seasoned veterans and new hires
  • Product Presentation Techniques
  • Integrating Infotainment Technologies into the Sales Process
  • Demonstration Drive Design and Implementation
  • Customer Experience Training


  • Customer Experience Design for Automotive Leaders
  • Process Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement

Customer Experience & Retail Management

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Featured testimonial

 With the last Service Plus sessions completed last week, I wanted to take a minute to thank each of you for your tireless work in scheduling and delivering great training for our dealership teams. I can’t say enough about the resourcefulness you bring to the development of the training material, the enthusiasm you bring to every session and your sincere commitment to making our training the best possible. I know there can be challenges and it is sometimes hard to please all participants but the strong ongoing support is proof that what you’re doing is making a real difference.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, again this fall. 

Janice Dickey

General Motors of Canada Limited

Featured testimonial

 The Durham College Corporate Training team consistently delivers high-quality training materials and services. They have a firm grasp on the needs of our industry and demonstrate excellent customer service. 

Linda Brown

Canadian Automotive Repair Council

Featured testimonial

 Yesterday I attended the Volt training session in Lévis (Québec) and I must say this was one of the best I ever attended. As usual, Marc Lamarche & Stéphane Lacombe were on top of their game. 

Pierre Guévremont

Fleet Account Manager