Building Environmental Systems

Building Environmental Systems

Building Environmental Systems 

This program is designed to train technicians troubleshooting and overall maintenance for today’s complex buildings.

Each course can be customized to include the elements that are most important to your building environment. Courses can be delivered at the Durham College Whitby Campus or at your location. 

A Practical Overview BES 7000

This subject is an introductory overview of today’s complex building systems.  It introduces building systems, enabling you to relate to the operation of a building in a safe, energy efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

Topics of Instruction Include:

  • Sustainable Building
  • Building as a System
  • Building Envelope
  • Space Heating
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Building Control Systems
  • Water Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems

Energy Efficiency in Large Buildings BES 7100

This subject covers energy efficiency as it relates to building management and application, heating and cooling, air handling, lighting and electrical systems, and building control systems.  You will learn to analyze all aspects of large building operations and suggest changes complete with realistic capital expenditure proposals that include payback periods.  These changes are designed to improve utility consumption within that building. 

Topics of Instruction include:

  • The building, its construction and the systems encompassed by its skin or envelope.
  • Energy conserving techniques applied to heating, cooling, light and ventilated systems in the building plus techniques for continuous energy monitoring.
  • Upgrading and maintaining building automated controls and other control systems.