Hiring Durham College ‘AZ’ Students

At Mackie Transportation, we have been very pleased with the quality of the candidates we have received from the Durham College Driver Training program. The experienced instructors at Durham College have equipped the drivers with everything they require to obtain a successful career in the transportation industry. We look forward to working with Durham College more in the future!

Sara Mackie, Director, Special Services


Customized Training for Boilermakers

"The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers originally chose to approach DC's Corporate Training Services (CTS), to determine if CTS would lend their expertise in structuring, developing and delivering a highly customized Pre-apprenticeship program. The initiative with CTS was created to address projected Boilermaker skills shortages in Ontario and was done in partnership with Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA) and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI). Having multiple program stakeholders required CTS to offer a particularly flexible approach in order to ensure program success. Not only did CTS provide their insight and experience, but they took the time to fully understand the unique parameters of the IBB and each of the various program partners. Each member of the CTS team was fully committed to the program and were vigilant in maintaining timelines and achieving milestones.

We certainly recommend DC's Corporate Training Services to any organization that places importance on training and is looking to have their programs developed and delivered by a truly professional team."

Jonathan White International Representative - CSO International Brotherhood of Boilermakers


ACZ Driver Training

“I can’t thank the teachers and staff at Durham College enough for helping change the course of my life. A friend suggested Durham College, and after speaking to Marie Sullivan, I knew it was the right place to attend. The professionalism and teaching at this school blew me away. Class room days were fun and informative, while driving days were unbelievably thorough and productive. We would spend hours a day driving and backing up, something which is not offered at private driving schools. The excellent teaching gave me the tools to get my dream driving job at a landscaping company moving heavy equipment around on a flat bed, and hauling dirt in the busy construction season. This is a position usually not available without years of experience but the training at Durham is so good that I was able to drive and shift at the level required. If you are thinking about getting your trucking license, Durham College is hands down the best choice. The teachers and staff are the best at their job and are even better people who truly care about your life and want you to succeed. Thank you again to Mike, Adam, Kevin, Don, Marie, and Susie, along with the rest of the staff, for all your help”.

Mike Colomvako, 'ACZ' Student

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