Expert Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Length:Full Day Workshop
Dates:You pick the date most convenient for your business
Location:Durham College or your Location

Navigate Choppy Waters With Perspective and Persuasion

Being an expert in the art of negotiation is essential for every leader in today’s fast-paced, economic climate. Conflict resolution is an acquired skill that requires fundamental listening and reasoning skills to keep your organization operating at peak performance. This one-day intensive workshop provides a quick conflict analysis tool to identify four types of conflict; and examines how powerful negotiation skills can be leveraged to resolve situations with a win/win outcome for both parties. We explore your personal conflict style and build critical skills in mitigating conflict and navigating tough negotiations through a perspective approach, rather than an emotional response to the situation. Whether you are negotiating internally with your team or externally with clients, vendors or stakeholders, negotiation and conflict resolution skills are fundamental to your organization’s success.

Curriculum Overview

Based on the foundational model that conflict exists in four levels – we explore Conflict of Information, Conflict of Method, Conflict of Goals, and Conflict of Values, and the skills required to successfully navigate each of these scenarios.

Next, we discuss the dialogue method of negotiation and conflict resolution. You will learn how to assess a situation by gathering questions to open up the dialogue, listen with the intent to understand, then clarify and expand on what has been communicated, and finally, respect all parties by repeating what was said.

In this section, we explain the BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiate an Agreement), and give you ample opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in negotiating the best deal possible.