Strategic Customer Experience Workshop

 Hands-On Strategic Customer Experience Planning

Hands-On Strategic Customer Experience Planning

Length:Full Day Workshop
Dates:You pick the date most convenient for your business
Location:Durham College or Your Location

Go Beyond the Call of Duty with Strategic Customer Experience Planning

Are you consistently missing out on brand loyalty and repeat business? Tired of watching your customers all too quickly leap into the arms of your competitors? Stop the endless cycle now and set your sights on delivering a world-class customer experience. Reap the rewards of focusing your time and energy on differentiating yourself from your competitors, and thrive in today’s highly competitive market. Learn how investing in a unique customer experience yields big results. Our Strategic Customer Experience Planning course is a highly effective solution to your long-term customer retention and acquisition plan.

Curriculum Overview

Brand loyalty is all about delivering an outstanding customer experience. In this section, you will learn how your customer experience and bottom line are inextricably linked. Find out how and why we measure the impact of the customer experience.

Let’s talk about how you can improve your customer experience. We’ll show you how to stand and deliver what your customers really crave in today’s overwhelming and fast-paced market.

Not sure where to begin? It’s all in the details! Here, you will learn how to design an appealing and highly effective customer experience that suits your individual business practices and needs. To help build buy-in and momentum, we’ll show you how to invite employee ideas to the table and keep them engaged throughout the process.

We will explore how you can be an effective change leader in creating and implementing a rewarding experience that will keep customers returning time and again; and help cast your net wider by generating referrals through word of mouth and positive social media. What’s more, you’ll gain essential business management concepts involved in maintaining best customer experience practices across your organization.