Workplace Leadership Essentials

Length:60 hours (10 days)
Dates:Wednesday’s Sept 18 – Nov 20, 8:30 – 15:30


Be the Leader of Your Own Pack

What makes a highly effective leader? Are natural leaders born or bred? Think you’ve got what it takes to cultivate and lead a dynamic team? We will explore how successful leaders build cohesive and collaborative teams through effective communication; understanding and utilizing the talents each team member brings to the table; and inspiring high-performance results for a healthier bottom line. We’ll show you hands-on techniques to problem-solve on your feet, from day-to-day matters to effectively handling workplace changes and transitions to keep your organization on track.


Curriculum Overview

Foster a culture of open dialogue by learning how to break down communication barriers with your team through attentive listening, asking the right questions, and effectively responding to constructive feedback. Once you’ve got that nailed down, you’ll be ready to equip your team with the communication skills to effectively share ideas and solve real-world problems.

In this section, we explore effective group dynamics, including roles and behaviours, to help you maximize your team’s creative and productive output, and boost your company’s overall performance. Gain perspective on the importance of working collaboratively, and how individual roles within your workplace contribute to overall success. Learn how to use your leadership style to assess and manage complex situations with ease.

Here’s where we give you invaluable insight on how to inspire your team to achieve greater performance levels. Learn essential motivational techniques and practical strategies to create and maintain your own highly driven workforce.

Leading through change without opposition doesn’t have to feel like climbing a mountain. Learn how to understand and manage change effectively by planning and implementing communications that foster maximum support within your team. You will build the skills needed to serve as a frontline change agent to guide and assist your employees in coping with transition, and capabilities for handling further bumps in the road ahead.

Effective problem-solving takes a leader who can carefully assess the situation and use sound judgment in decision making. This section provides you with hands-on experience practicing fundamental problem-solving techniques that leverage your creative- and critical-thinking to reach the best possible outcome for your organization.

Additional Information

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