Installing Organizational Agility – Through Customer Experience Management

Length:Day 1 – 6 Hours Day 2 – 6 Hours
Dates:You pick the dates that are most convenient for you
Location:Durham College or Your Location

Customized Program for Modern Libraries

Modern Libraries are going through a revolutionary change and the demands on Library leaders to create a customer-centric experience are greater than ever before. This customized two-part program provides tangible paths to innovation that will generate the customer advocacy required for libraries to thrive well into the future.

Course Overview

This workshop for front line staff focuses on two key elements– Training & Engagement.  In the morning we roll out the Customer Experience Management (CEM) model. This ensures alignment among the staff members and introduces the guiding principles of CEM and how they are demonstrated in the library business. In the afternoon we honor the front line experience by conducting a Customer Experience continuous improvement session where we ask the team to brainstorm on ways of improving the organization’s Customer Experience.

In our experience, we have always found that the front line staff, who work intimately in the organization’s customer experience system, have great ideas on how to improve it.   We can then sift and refine these concepts using our proven CEM Workshop Debrief Process.  Many of their ideas emerge as key Customer Experience Improvements that leadership can be built into the organization’s strategic plan going forward.

  • Service Excellence as the foundation of business
  • Modernizing the Customer Experience to produce advocacy
  • Social media influence on the Library
  • Connecting Library employees to the Customer Experience
  • Reducing Customer effort and generating a customer-centric experience
  • Measuring the Customer Experience
  • Vision for the future of Libraries


This day builds on the front line program themes and adds the concept of deployment of leadership’s policies to shape the organization’s culture. With the aim of improving the customer experience system, this workshop covers how to identify and remove the unwanted variation that can lead to an unsatisfied customer.

This course also examines the importance of acquiring new knowledge that can be utilized to improve the customer experience system.  It asks… How are new ideas tested and validated before being fully implemented? How do we leverage our whole organization’s experience to improve our Customer Experience System?  What concepts from other industries can be lifted and applied to our Library?

Finally, this training day introduces a method of systematically implementing new Customer Experience behaviors.


  • The Library as a business system that enables Customer Experience
  • Applying a Customer Experience strategy to the business system
  • Decision making for Library leaders
  • 4 triggers of innovation
  • Identifying and removing unwanted variation in the Customer Experience
  • Systematically implementing responsive Customer Experience behaviors
“I searched high and low for client experience training that aligned with my vision of CEM. I was thrilled when I found Durham College Corporate Training and Doug. This training is more than customer service, it is a call to action for a culture shift, a revolution in libraries that only the best in class libraries embrace. CEM is the center of our organization and this training helped us deliver our vision to every staff member in our organization.”
 (Usha Siva, Manager of Client Experience, Pickering Public Library).”