According to Articulate, did you know that almost everyone who uses a computer has completed some type of e-learning? Perhaps it was called web-based training, or online learning, or computer-based training, but it’s all under the same e-learning umbrella. E-learning can encompass a wide variety of online initiatives. So a good, broad way to think about e-learning is as the use of electronic media (computers, tablets, or phones) to educate or train learners.

Why should you choose us to develop your courses?

Our team blends academic rigor with the eLearning design multimedia and project management skills of the Corporate Training Service division.

Working with us, you gain the following advantages:

  • A fully-staffed innovative production house with varying skill sets
  • Academic and practical application of online education best practices
  • Commitment to project success with your own Project Manager

As experts in the Adult Learning field, Corporate Training Services prides itself on continually remaining on top of the latest research on training effectiveness. Our underlying philosophy is that all programs we develop and deliver are market-driven and relevant in the workplace. We are focused on delivering programs that enable knowledge that is transferable and retainable.

Give your employees the edge they need to succeed

The Benefits of eLearning

  1. Reduced training costs
    Think about travel time, printing costs and instructor time!
  2. Consistency in training
    Think about teams all across the country: online learning would ensure message consistency.
  3. Gives the employee the opportunity to learn at their own pace
    Think about employees with learning difficulties or busy schedules.
  4. Quick and convenient training updates
    Ensures you stay up to date with important policies and procedures.

Did You Know?

  • Multimedia tools improve our brain’s memory power
  • Our brain prefers images over text
  • Learning that is spread out over time drastically increases learning retention
  • Courses that deliver bite sized chunks of knowledge in shorter eLearning modules can lead to more effective online learning


Interactive Multimedia Examples

Always trying to push the interactive envelope, you can see a sample of some of the interactive learning objects we have created in the past. If you like what you see, feel free to reference one of the learning objects here otherwise give us a shout and we can develop something that may be better suited to your needs. We are game!

Launch Presentation

Launch Presentation

Launch Presentation

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