Backflow and Cross Connection

Code:PLMB 1400
Length:40 hours
Dates:October 17 – November 16,
Tuesday/Thursday 18:00-22:00


includes non-tax deductible supply fee and five-year recertification fee

Fit for the Challenge

Clean, safe drinking water is one of the world’s most vital and sought-after natural resources. With 326 million trillion gallons of water on Earth it might seem like there is an endless supply, yet less than three per cent is considered freshwater. What’s more, cross-contamination in our water supply has proven deadly time and again around the globe. Keeping the pipes clean to ensure a sustainable, potable water supply in our communities has become one of our generation’s highest callings. If you’re a licensed plumber or steam fitter, and are ready to take your career to the next level, this immersive certification program is for you. Become a Cross Connection Control Specialist and receive your Ontario Water Works Association Certificate today.


Curriculum Overview

What is backflow and how is it prevented? Backflow prevention protects potable water supplies from contamination or pollution. In this section, you will learn all about backflow prevention, and understand its causes and types.

Here’s where you will learn the ins and outs of cross connection devices and how they are constructed. You will also gain extensive knowledge of device testing criteria.

In recent years, municipalities have stepped up their enforcement of our water quality. Next, we cover all the health and legal aspects of cross connections to safeguard our water supply. We’ll not only show you how to identify hazards, but the degree to which they pose a health threat.

In this section, you will demonstrate your knowledge by safely applying backflow prevention methods to avoid contamination in piping systems.

After plenty of practice, you will showcase your skills installing and controlling cross connections to ensure safe drinkable water, flowing into the pipes, does not cross paths with “grey” or sewage water.

Additional Information


  • Required safety equipment: safety boots, glasses and work gloves.

Withdrawals and refunds:

Refunds will be issued only if the Official Withdrawal form is received no later than three business days prior to the program’s scheduled start date.

Please note: all refunds are subject to a cancellation fee.