Forklift Operator (4 Piece)

Length:32 hours


includes non-tax deductible supply fee

Raise the Stakes on Your Career

Forklift operators play a critical role in society. With careful precision, they load, move and place just about every type of commodity that business and industry depend on to build infrastructure and contribute to a stable economy. They are calculated, highly skilled and results driven. If you want in on this exciting opportunity, our specialized, four-day Forklift Operator (4-Piece) course is right for you. Get specialized training at our state-of-the-art facility on Electric Counterbalance, Propane Counterbalance, Reach, and Electric Walkie Pallet Trucks. Designed for individuals with no previous experience on powered lift tricks, this course offers rigorous classroom and hands-one training, with a major emphasis on operating safety and stability. Be prepared to excel in your new role in a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments. Move your career in the right direction and become a certified forklift operator.


Curriculum Overview

Before gaining practical experience, you’ll get all the ins and outs of how to safely operate a forklift with four hours of in-class instruction per machine, covering critical safety and stability operating practices. This section also includes B335-15 CSA Safety Standard for lift trucks, which incorporates legislative requirements for the employer, supervisor and employee.

The most commonly used lift trucks; you’ll start by learning how to operate counterbalance machines which are electric, propane, gas or diesel powered. Since no out rigging or reach capabilities are required, they can be driven right up to the exact location of the racking or loading. A weight at the rear end of the truck is used to offset the load being lifted at the front end.

Designed largely for warehouse operation, Reach Trucks offer extensive lift height to reach into racking and can easily maneuver through tight spaces. You will get hands-on, practical training loading and unloading with this specialized lift.

You will learn how to skillfully operate these convenient and efficient pallet loaders, typically used in a warehouse setting.

Here’s where you will focus on ensuring the stability of your load during all three key elements of lifting, moving and placing. This requires careful calculations and precision to ensure stability of both the truck and the load, by determining their combined centre of gravity.

Operating a lift truck in a steel plant is vastly different from a foam factory. In this section you explore various work environments (including steel, wood, and foam) and the operational lift truck challenges in dealing with each of them.

Once you’ve completed your in-class and practical training, you are ready for an oral, written and practical evaluation. Upon successful completion, you are ready for your new career as a certified forklift operator.

Additional Information

Prerequisites are to be completed prior to the start of the first class:
Applicants must be 18 years of age and must possess:

  • Previous driving experience or G2 driver’s licence suggested; and
  • Required safety equipment: safety boots, glasses and work gloves

Withdrawals and refunds:

Refunds will be issued only if the Official Withdrawal form is received no later than three business days prior to the program’s scheduled start date.

Please note: all refunds are subject to a cancellation fee.