Rough Terrain Forklift Operator

Code:AUTO 1404
Length:8 hours
Dates:Please call 905-721-3347 to inquire.


Power Your Career to New Heights

With an estimated 21 percent of Canada’s construction workforce set to retire this decade, the industry is eager to attract new highly skilled workers, according to the latest from BuildForce Canada. That’s where you come in. Why not give your career a boost by becoming a certified Rough Terrain Forklift Operator. Widely deployed in housing and other construction, this lift uses a highly versatile telescopic handle to carefully hoist materials to rooftops where other machines don’t measure up, while navigating rough terrain with adept manoeuvrability. Learn how to safely and expertly operate a telescopic lift, and earn your certification in just two days of in-class and hands-on training.

Course Instructor

Curriculum Overview

In this section, we’ll take you through your legal responsibilities as an operator, assess the potential hazards associated with telescopic lift use, recognize how this machine functions, and identify procedures for safe operation.

Here’s where we focus on stability with a telescopic lift. Contrary to a fixed-mast lift; this lift telescopes outward, effectively extending the load out from the machine. You will learn to skillfully use load charts, understand load conditions, determine how much a pallet of materials weighs, how to place loads correctly, and extend and retract the lift’s telescopic handle.

Learn how to efficiently manoeuvre the four-wheel drive, telescopic forklift’s co-ordinated steering from the front and back, and from both positions. Known as “crab steering,” a telescopic lift has impressive steering capabilities, which takes plenty of practice.

Once you’ve completed your in-class and practical training, you will undergo an oral, written and practical evaluation. Upon successful completion, you are ready for your new career as a certified rough terrain forklift operator.

Additional Information


  • Previous driving experience or G2 driver’s licence suggested.

Withdrawals and refunds:

Refunds will be issued only if the Official Withdrawal form is received no later than three business days prior to the program’s scheduled start date.

Please note: all refunds are subject to a cancellation fee.