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Transport Your Career to the Next Level with Class A Driver Training

Mandatory entry level Training (MELT) is now in effect. Obtain your licence with Durham College Class A Driver Training. Our program is MELT approved and prepares our students for a successful career in the trucking industry.

An aging workforce is putting tremendous strain on an industry already facing a major shortage of qualified truck drivers. If you’re thinking of a first-rate career move, now is the perfect time to become a Class A licensed driver. A valid Class A licence will enable you to tow a trailer that weighs in excess of 4,600 kilograms, giving you endless career possibilities, and helping to meet the critical demand for highly skilled truck drivers. This intensive eight-week program gives you 101 hours of theory and 99 hours of hands-on training in the truck.

Durham College has been approved to deliver training, administer testing, and provide students attending this course with a full "A" Class Driver's license through Ontario's Driver Certification Program (DCP), under the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). All "A" Driver Training instructors are fully certified by the MTO as a signing authority.

Course Outline


The Ontario Highway Traffic Act governs the number of successive hours you can legally operate a tractor trailer. In this section, you will learn how to access this essential info, along with hours of service for Canada and the U.S., and the importance of obeying them. You’ll demonstrate your ability to properly complete daily log books, as well as use electronic onboard recorders, something the industry is moving towards.


We pride ourselves on making sure you keep Ontario’s roads the safest in North America. Here’s where you will learn how to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection and complete all the necessary paperwork to be sure every aspect of your vehicle is road safe, so you can drive with confidence.


Your number one job is to be safe on the road. Yet an insecure load is the most common violation truck drivers’ encounter during an inspection. We’ll show you how to properly secure loads onto trailers, tarp loads, and inspect chains and straps. The motoring public is counting on you to make sure your load doesn’t shift or fall off your truck, causing a disaster.


Out on the road, you are responsible for hauling millions of dollars’ worth of cargo, and today, cargo theft is a booming industry. Here’s where you’ll learn how to be safe while loading and unloading deliveries.


Hazardous materials require extra precautions before transporting. In this section, you will receive an overview of how to transport dangerous goods safely, and complete the extra paperwork and display the proper vehicle signage that goes with them.


For the efficient movement of your freight, you need to carefully plan your trip before you hit the road. In this section, you’ll learn how to use the truck drivers’ atlas as well as GPS systems to choose where to buy fuel, safe rest stops, and more.


Whether you are crossing an international border or driving across the province of Ontario, here’s where we carefully review required documentation. We’ll cover what to expect when you cross the border including everything from going through customs to having your vehicle searched.


Boost your shifting expertise. Through classroom instruction and one-on-one in-vehicle training, we’ll show you how to expertly shift gears on unsynchronized manual transmissions. Double clutching is a highly skilled shifting technique that takes plenty of practice. Our expert drivers can show you how to properly double clutch during the process of downshifting and upshifting.


You will learn how to drive defensively in adverse weather conditions, and keep a sharper eye on traffic so you can better anticipate the actions of pedestrians and other drivers. We’ll show you how to compensate for your truck’s handling characteristics through various defensive driving techniques.


Students in this program attend our career day for a chance to make important connections with employers who are in need of highly trained drivers. Employers share important industry information and provide the students with opportunities to as the questions that are important to them and their careers.


Applicants must be 18 years of age and must possess:


“I can’t thank the teachers and staff at Durham College enough for helping change the course of my life. A friend suggested Durham College, and after speaking to Marie Sullivan, I knew it was the right place to attend.  The professionalism and teaching at this school blew me away.  Class room days were fun and informative, while driving days were unbelievably thorough and productive.  We would spend hours a day driving and backing up, something which is not offered at private driving schools.  The excellent teaching gave me the tools to get my dream driving job at a landscaping company moving heavy equipment around on a flat bed, and hauling dirt in the busy construction season. This is a position usually not available without years of experience but the training at Durham is so good that I was able to drive and shift at the level required.  If you are thinking about getting your trucking license, Durham College is hands down the best choice. The teachers and staff are the best at their job and are even better people who truly care about your life and want you to succeed. Thank you again to Mike, Adam, Kevin, Don, Marie, and Susie, along with the rest of the staff, for all your help”.  Mike Colomvakos

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"A" Driver Training
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7:45AM to 4:00PM
May 17, 2021 to Jul 09, 2021
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Course Fee non-credit $9,091.00
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