Course Description

This is a review for individuals who wish to update their driving skills.

Course Outline


  • The purpose of a CVOR
  • How violations affect both a company and drivers CVOR
  • The legal requirements for Pre-Trip inspection, Hours of Service, Load Securement, TDG.


  • How attitude is the most important element of defensive driving.
  • The things that will affect a driver’s attitude.
  • Distracted Driving, the dangers and penalties.
  • Alcohol, the dangers and penalties.
  • Drugs, changing laws, dangers and penalties


  • The importance of proper pre-trip inspections
  • The four stages of braking
  • A trucks stopping distance as compared to other traffic, what to do about it
  • How stopping distances vary according to speed and weight
  • How different loads change a trucks center of gravity/handling


  • The importance of a clean work environment (keep your cab clean)
  • How drivers must be ready to adjust their driving habits to compensate for changing weather and road conditions.


  • Implementing knowledge and skill, a good attitude is essential
  • How fatal motor vehicle collisions happen
  • Types of collisions
  • Collision avoidance
  • Rules of the road, signage, move over law, school buses, lane restrictions
  • Emergency situations what to do at an accident scene
  • Backing safely and efficiently

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