Testing Services

Durham College Corporate Training Services has been creating, administering and delivering exams for more than 25 years. Our in-person and virtual exams offer a reliable, and consistent examination experience for our test-takers.

Whether you require comprehensive exam development, administration for professional certifications or hands-on competency testing for technical occupations, we can deliver.

We provide complete administration of testing and assessment services for Live and Virtual exams.

Let us take care of the details and create a worry-free exam experience by:

  • Managing candidate eligibility and testing history
  • Facilitating registration, payment, and candidate identification processes
  • Registering and scheduling exam times & locations
  • Coordinating In-Person computerized and paper-based exams
  • Proctoring onsite group certification exams in secure, monitored exam sites with trained Invigilators across Ontario
  • Communicating directly with candidates through email, phone and online chat support
  • Securely storing Candidate information
  • Marking exams in a timely manner
  • Distributing results to the candidate and/or governing

Online Proctored Exam Management

Flexibility to deliver exams virtually has become imperative over the past few years.  Corporate Training Services can provide your candidates with the same experience with Online Proctoring with a Live Proctor, that they would have writing an in-person exam but from the comfort of their home or office.  You can reach more of your students knowing that the integrity and security of your exams are top priority with us. . 

Let us help your Candidates take their exams from anywhere by:

  • Registering and scheduling exam dates and times
  • Applying Candidate identification & verification processes
  • Delivering exams 24hrs / 7 days a week
  • Providing secure, nation-wide remote monitored exams from wherever is convenient for candidates with trained virtual proctors and AI Technology
  • Utilizing a lockdown browser installed on each computer to ensure that candidates are unable to navigate away from the exam site
  • Video recording each session including all candidate screen activity
  • Providing technical support for all candidates

Corporate Training Services of Durham College offers a wide array of testing services, including but not limited to exams for the Life License Qualification Program nation-wide, Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, Ontario Building Code, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, The College of Family Physicians of Canada, National Dental Examining Board of Canada, Human Resources Professional Association and Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada to name a few.  

Corporate Training Services Partners

Is your organization looking to administer testing for its future or current employees?

We would love to hear from you!

Please email us at the address below so that we can discuss how we can best meet your needs. Feel free to let us know a bit about your test such as:

  1. Approximately how many people are you wishing to test at one time?
  2. How often would you ideally like the testing to take place?
  3. Would you require Invigilators for this exam?
  4. Is your testing paper, computer based, Online Proctored or a combination?

Please email all new test inquiries to: CTS.Exam.Admin@durhamcollege.ca

If you would like to learn more about our services, I would like to hear about your needs. Please call or email me directly.

Courtney Habara, Testing Manager
Courtney.Habara@durhamcollege.ca 905-721-2000 

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