I have been on the ground-level of course development using Durham College’s CTS programs. It is easy to see that Durham understands what the industry is saying and is able to translate that into valuable, usable courses. I’ll be the first to admit that training can be a struggle in some locations but I have the confidence to make a strong recommendation for this training. There’s no question that anyone that takes a CTS course will benefit from the content.

Phil Myers
Canadian Tire Corporation

With the last Service Plus sessions completed last week, I wanted to take a minute to thank each of you for your tireless work in scheduling and delivering great training for our dealership teams. I can’t say enough about the resourcefulness you bring to the development of the training material, the enthusiasm you bring to every session and your sincere commitment to making our training the best possible. I know there can be challenges and it is sometimes hard to please all participants but the strong ongoing support is proof that what you’re doing is making a real difference.

Janice Dickey
General Motors of Canada Limited

Over the past couple of years, depending on the course and timing, between 75 and 100 of our first and second level managers have participated in these five-week courses. This has been, by far, the most popular training program we have ever provided for our managers. The subject matter of the courses has been tailored to our business; and the managers instantly see direct application to their jobs. Even managers with Business Administration or other subject degrees from a university find the practical usefulness of these courses to be valuable. From my point of view it has been very rewarding to coordinate these classes in our five Bell locations. The extremely reasonable price is important, too—we can no longer afford the expensive courses we have used in the past. Not only is the Durham training much less expensive, it is dramatically more effective.

Ross Strain
Bell Canada Business Leadership program

Laidlaw Education Services has partnered with Durham College in a Management Apprentice program in order to support our succession planning initiative of promoting from within. Our experience to date with the professionals at Durham College has been excellent! They have worked hand and hand with us to create a truly unique program and opportunity for our most important asset, our people. We celebrated our first graduating class in March of 2007 and the success of the program has been measured by the placement of a majority of our graduates in management positions. We look forward to the career success of future graduates and our partnership with Durham College.

Deborah Koyata
Laidlaw Educational Services

The Durham College Corporate Training team consistently delivers high-quality training materials and services. They have a firm grasp on the needs of our industry and demonstrate excellent customer service.

Linda Brown
Canadian Automotive Repair Council

At Lexmark Canada we seek to deliver a development experience that easily translates into improved work habits. Those work habits can be as abstract as decision making or problem solving, or as practical as learning how to handle a specific task. When I met with the Durham College Implementation Team, I made it clear that the transition between classroom learning and noticeable on-the job performance improvement was our primary goal. I knew they could deliver the results we sought to achieve when I learned that their goal was in line with ours. They gave me the confidence, by supporting their claim with factual statements, that our employees would be empowered with new tools or skills. I am pleased to say that we all achieved our goal.

Lydia Madonia
Lexmark Canada Inc.

As the Manager of a new Inside Sales team I have found that the agents were able to return to work and immediately start applying the skills they learned. The topics covered were relevant and the role-playing was particularly valuable allowing them to focus and anticipate objections as though they were on the job. Kelly’s style allowed for a dynamic and interactive learning experience for all who participated.

Ellen Stockman
Lexmark Canada Inc.

Our association with Durham College over the last four years has been a very rewarding experience. Our partnership with the College helped us to administer the ‘Other Than Life’ examinations outside of Canada for the very first time. To date, over 430 employees in our Offshore Delivery Center in Bangalore, India have been successfully licensed. We’re proud that this is a first – not just for Aviva Canada and Durham College, but for the Canadian Insurance Industry. It was an enormous regulatory and logistics accomplishment, and it strengthened credibility for the examination process. We couldn’t have achieved it without the able governance support provided by Durham College. Thank you Durham College!

Victoria Carter
Aviva Canada

We have just completed our 6th module of the Workplace Business Leadership course from Durham College. These courses are to assist a company in making sure their managers have the tools to manage their staff effectively. Durham College offers courses that are relevant to the fast pace of our industry and their instructors are well versed in any subject that you might choose. I would recommend to anyone that they investigate what Durham College has to offer.

Nancy Bell
Oshawa PUC Networks Inc.

Just a short note to say thank you to you and your instructors.  I passed my “D” today and as you know, my “Z” back in November.  All of my instructors, Mike, Don, Tom, Adam, were excellent and did a fantastic job of passing on their knowledge and expertise.  Personable, patient and above all, professional. They are a real credit to the Corporate Training Services unit.   Please pass on my appreciation.  Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all.

David Cormack
DC Driver Training Student